New Longsight Housing Cooperative

Welcome to New Longsight Housing Cooperative

New Longsight Housing Cooperative is a tenant-led organisation. Registered in 1982, we currently own 85 properties, the majority of which are in Longsight and Levenshulme, Manchester.

New Longsight originally secured funding from the local authority and then from the Housing Corporation to buy houses that were marked for demolition by the council. The aim was to provide housing for local people, in particular single parent families, people with disabilities, the elderly and homeless people.

Over the years more people have joined, attracted by the idea of fair rent and collective control over the management of their homes. All members have an equal say in the management and development of the Co-op and often take an active role in the running of the Co-op. New Longsight employs two workers who are employed and managed by the co-op tenants.

As a public-funded Co-op we are monitored by the Homes and Communities Agency to ensure the Co-op is run on fair and democratic lines and keeps to the policies and procedures they have set. We adhere to the 7 co-operative principles first laid out by the Rochdale pioneers.

Contact us on: office@nlhcoop.org or call 0161 256 4226.

October 2020: Our waiting list is full and we are currently not accepting any new applications. This will be reviewed on a six-monthly basis. Whilst it is closed we will be working on reviewing our Membership Policy, our application criteria and the application process.